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Affordable web design agency that provides BIG service to small businesses

IMWIZ (short for Internet Marketing Wizard) is an affordable web design agency in Manchester, UK that specializes in providing small business custom tailored and inexpensive web design packages.

Traditionally when you needed a new website your options were quite limited and would often cost several thousand pounds upfront… just to get started.

For a small or start-up business on a limited budget, this financial hurdle can be difficult to overcome. Not to mention the ongoing burden of managing, maintaining and updating the website after it is built.

With that in mind, the team here at IMWIZ decided to try something a little different…

No-money down affordable web design plans custom tailored for your company

Before I share how these simple and cost-effective plans work, let me explain what the goal is when we work together.

It comes down to 3 things:

  1. Ensure your business is professionally represented online
  2. Make it easy for new customers to find you
  3. Ensure the user experience is a positive one

These items impact your “conversion rate”, that simply means the number of visitors who actually become paying customers.

Although our website design packages are extremely inexpensive, you still get the same professional quality attention as a business paying several thousand pounds.

Plus, our monthly packages come in 2 different levels:

Basic or Advanced…

Basic are the most affordable web design solution and ideal for start-up businesses or people looking to get their very first website. They are built using HTML5 and are fully mobile responsive.

Advanced plans are intended for businesses looking to take their website to the next level. They are built with the user-friendly Content Management System, WordPress. These plans also include a blog, RSS feeds and the option to add eCommerce.

We’re taking all the risk so there really isn’t a reason not to give it a try.

Simply click to link below to get started.

Pick the affordable web design plan most suitable for your business…

affordable web design services manchester

Yes, they absolutely are. Whether you’re a dentist, plumber or small eCommerce store, we have an inexpensive plan just for you.

There are no setup fees. We wanted to keep these packages as affordable as possible so the price stated includes everything.

Content is ultimately your responsibility. Think of the carpenter/bookshelf-owner relationship for a second: The carpenter is responsible to build the bookshelf but the bookshelf owner actually places the books onto the finished shelves. Your website is equipped with a Content Management System that allows you to add content on your own, without any technical knowledge required. Nevertheless, if you require assistance, we happily add the content for you.

All plans include ongoing updates. Changes will be made by us within 24-72 hours upon request.

Our goal was to reduce costs and keep these packages as inexpensive as possible. That means each plan comes with a free 14 day trial so you can test drive before you’re billed.

Our starter package starts at only 19 pounds. As your business grows you can increase your plan with a simple email or phone call to us.

On average, turnaround time for most websites is between 4-6 weeks, subject to client response time.

No. All plans include secure and reliable website hosting.